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What is Industrial Hygiene?
Industrial hygiene is becoming a very important concern for many companies in the Greater Toronto Area. With new changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act further limiting workers' exposure to dangers in the workplace, industrial hygiene is more important than ever.
Industrial hygiene is defined as the prevention of work-related illnesses by recognizing, evaluating and controlling the known risks in the workplace. In most cases industrial hygiene also includes preventing dangers to the surrounding community as well.
A company's level of industrial hygiene is often linked to the worker's well-being in the environment as well as being an important element in forming public perception of the company.
Industrial hygiene is usually categorized into the following areas, each of which should be tested individually to ensure compliance using the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health methods:
  • Biological;
  • Chemical;
  • Physical; and
  • Ergonomic.
The two major factors of the workplace environment that are assessed include indoor air quality and indoor noise testing. Professional assessments will focus on measuring these factors to ensure that your facility meets the minimum standards.
Protecting Your Company
The main role of industrial hygiene is to ensure that workers in an indoor environment are not being exposed to unsafe levels of contaminants that can lead to long-term illness. Maintaining a high standard of industrial hygiene is especially important for all commercial and industrial facilities, and different types of manufacturers.
A voluntary assessment of industrial hygiene can be vital in protecting your company against potential lawsuits and costly fines for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act. It can also be very reassuring knowing that your employees will be more productive working in a safer environment.
A professional assessment will comprehensively test the indoor environment for the presence of known dangers and contaminants. The indoor air quality testing will test for things like dangerous chemicals, particulate, mold, gases and vapors. Noise tests will ensure that the amount of noise in the area is compliant with the revised acceptable levels. The air exchanges and ventilation will also be examined to ensure proper circulation of fresh air in the area.
These assessments are vital to protecting your company against employee complaints and to ensure due diligence on behalf of industry. A comprehensive assessment is also useful for detecting and resolving potential issues before they pose a serious danger to employees.
Order an Assessment Today
Protect your company and the welfare of your employees by ordering a comprehensive industrial hygiene assessment. Ensure that the company you choose to conduct the assessment has the experience and expertise necessary to diagnose issues and suggest proper remediation.
The company that you choose to perform the independent assessment should be willing to work with your company to build a strong professional relationship. They should be both personable and professional. These assessments should be repeated annually, so it pays to trust a company that will become familiar with your company and the equipment in the workplace. Subtle touches like a willingness to travel across Ontario for a consultation can go a long way to developing strong business relationships.
Ensure the safety of your employees and the workplace environment by having a professional industrial hygiene assessment completed today.
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